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Harvard Referencing System Example Bibliography Turabian


Effective October 20, 2015

If you need a truly free citation generator, you have come to the right website. Just follow these simple steps:


  1. Select the type of souce you want to cite, for example a scientific journal article
  2. Fill out the form with the necessary bibliographic data (fill out manually)
  3. Click on "Create Citation" and choose MLA, APA or Chicago/Turabian citation style
  4. View the suggestions, with the option to export them to Word (in rtf format)

Three of the most common citation systems available are used on this website, namely APA (a parenthesis systems), MLA (another parenthesis systems), and Chicago/Turabian notes style (a note system), and the aim is to always follow the latest versions of these systems. This website is thus a fully functional and totally free APA citation generator, citation generator MLA, Chicago style citation generator and Turabian style citation generator. Parenthesis systems, such as MLA and APA, are sometimes refered to as Harvard referencing, and note systems, such as Chicago/Turabian notes style, are sometimes refered to as Oxford referencing.

APA is used in the social sciences, for example psychology and education. It too consists of a short parenthetical citation in the text and a complete citation in the bibliography. However, unlike MLA, the citation in the text contains the publication year: “(Smith, 2011)”. That is what is suggested on this website. Sometimes the page number is added, for example when there is a direct quote from the source. In this example, the quote is found on page 28 in the source: “(Smith, 2011, 28)”. You will have to add that page number by hand in your manuscript, should it be needed.


MLA is used in the humanities, for example language and literature. It consists of a short parenthetical citation in the text and a complete citation in the bibliography at the end of the manuscript. What makes MLA special is that is uses very little information in the text to maintain the flow for the reader. Then, all the necessary data is in the bibliography, or works cited as it is often called. A citation in the text may be just the author’s name "(Smith)", and that is what is suggested on this website. However, it is important for you to remember that an in text citation may also be the name and the page number: “(Smith 126)”, or, if you mention author’s name in the text, just the page number, for example: “Smith has discussed this (126)”.


Chicago/Turabian notes style is also used in the humanities, for example in history. The thing that separates this style from the two other is the fact that just a footnote/endnote number is inserted in the running text. This superscript number then refers to either a footnote or an endnote where the reference is given, and the reference is also given in a bibliography at the end of the manuscript. In addition, there are two versions of Chicago/Turabian style: the Chicago style with footnotes/endnotes and a bibliography described above (Chicago/Turabian notes style), and the Chicago style with parenthetical notations in text and a bibliography (Chicago/Turabian parenthetical style). Only the former is used on this website.

This bibliography generator only provides suggestions on how to write in-text citations and citations in the bibliography. Always consult a good style guide for further advice on how to properly cite a source in your essay, article manuscript or similar. Style guides for MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian styles can be found on Amazon, for example. Thomas Kane's The New Oxford Guide to Writing, a popular guide, has helped me improve my writing skills. Kane's book is of great value to any student, academic writer, or researcher regardless of what citation style is used.


This citation website builds on extensive experience from writing academic documents and supervising students, where proper citations is a must. I started developing this website to help students with their essays. As it grew, I understood that it could be used by others and that made me develop and enhance the site even further. Today, I hope that it is of some benefit to pupils, students, and professionals globally who are writing essays, article manuscripts, and similar documents.


If you do not know what type of generator you need (APA works cited generator, APA style bibliography generator, APA citation generator, works citation generator or whatever you think you need)or if you are not sure of how to cite a specific source, talk to your teacher, supervisor, project leader, and/or editor, or seek advice from experienced friends, colleagues or others. I am afraid that I cannot help you with those types of specific questions, so please do not send requests to me about what system is the best for your manuscript or how to cite a certain source. Respectfully, I argue that it is a decision that you, as the author of your manuscript, will have to make for yourself. Once you have made that decision, you are more than welcome back to howtowritecitations.com and hopefully it will continue to deliver suggestions on how you may write your citations.


Good luck with your citations!


Kent Löfgren


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How to Format an Essay: Expert Tips to Enhance Your College Writing

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The major formatting styles used in colleges and universities include:

APA Formatting: a Guide to Formatting Your Essay Using APA Style

APA is the largest scientific professional formatting style, which most colleges and universities endorse. Using APA, as your favorite format style can be a good decision if you understand the basic elements required in the same. We have the best APA format online website, which can help you recognize the significant sectors of the APA format

APA Writing Format Example: an APA Format Template for College Papers

APA has unique but simple format templates that guide students into proper paper formatting. First, it is essential to know that a typical APA format paper template entails four major sections including the title page, an abstract, the main body, and the reference page. College students can get a reliable APA style template online grammar editor to help them understand how to make their academic essays appealing to instructors. Besides, we have the best APA format essay example on our website, through which you can get professional elaborations on the major sections required for APA formatting. We understand how important academic writing is to students; as a result, we have gathered relevant resources, including academic essay structure example, to enhance your writing skills.

How to Format a Title Page APA Style – a Standard APA Title Page

The title page is a mandatory section of the APA paper format. While many students may deem it as a difficult component, understanding how to format the title page is the simplest exercise

one can do in essay writing. The APA format cover page entails the running head and the essay topic. These two are written at the top of the page and flushed to the left. It also entails the title, student’s full name, and the institutional affiliation, which are written in the middle of the page and as a centered block.

Tips on How to Format Reference Page in APA Style Correctly

The American psychological association format for references is the easiest students can adopt. References make any academic paper look authentic and professional. The APA style of writing references entails a simple procedure of arranging the references on a new page in alphabetical order. The reference begins with the authors’ surname, followed by the year of publication, the title of the book/journal, and the publishing company.

MLA Citation Format Guide for College Academic Writing

Are you having a challenge formatting your paper in the MLA style? Do you need MLA format help from dissertation proofreading and editing? Our online writing agency has the best and experienced writers who have adequate mastery of all the formatting styles used in academic writing. You can get reliable assistance from us concerning your MLA citations.

Students commonly use the MLA formatting and style of writing due to various reasons. While other formatting styles could be challenging, the MLA citation style can make your formatting work easier because it is straightforward. From our MLA format website, you can get reliable examples and templates to guide your writing. Anytime you need professional assistance, our experts will always be ready to help you.

Reliable MLA Style Template – an MLA Format Example to Guide You

If you need an MLA citation example essay, you can find the best from our website done by a professional. Our proficient writers know how to format a paper in any format style. Relying on them can be a way of taking your writing skills to a new level and increasing your essay performances. You could be wondering how to get an MLA style example essay- just click on the MLA style example button on our website, and you will get a reliable one to direct you.

Besides, the MLA template below will be helpful in highlighting the major sections needed for
excellent ml essays.

How to Format the MLA Cover Page

From the template above, you can deduce that the MLA format style does not require an exclusive cover page like the APA style. However, the title section is incorporated with the first page of the essay with the title, name, course name, and date marked on the top-left side of the paper. The MLA title format entails a capitalized and doubled spaced text centered on the first page below the date.

Expert Tips – How to Cite References in MLA

The MLA reference list is the last section of the essay, and it appears on its new page at the end of the text. The in-text citations assume the author-name format for the MLA format. Through the in-text citations, the writer is able to show the authenticity of their work. It is important to note that the MLA reference format entails major elements, which should be arranged in a particular order. These elements include the author’s name, the title of the source, the version, number, publisher, publication date, and the location.

The Harvard Format and Referencing Style in Academic Writing

University students commonly use the Harvard citation format for their academic essays. The Harvard citation guides entail use of references in both text and inclusion in the reference list at the end of the essay. You can easily cite Harvard style papers through professional assistance like our own. It is imperative that you master all the elements needed for proper referencing. If you need to make your essay appealing with the Harvard style, then you need to understand how to do it right from the cover page to the reference page.

Need to know how to cite Harvard style essays? Then you are on the right platform. Get insightful advice from our professionals on how to make your Harvard citations appealing and professional.

Harvard Style Template – a Trustworthy Harvard Style Example

You may need a Harvard thesis template to help you comprehend this best. It is freely provided on our website to help students get it right when it comes to formatting their dissertations and assignments in Harvard style. Our realization of the significance of the essay formatting compels us to hire the best professionals to help college students write top-notch quality papers. The Harvard format example from the template on our website is a reliable source to help college students in their writing exercises.

The Standard Harvard Style Title Page for Harvard Essays

The Harvard style has a unique cover page, which is different from the rest. The title and author’s name are on the same page but in different sections as illustrated in the Harvard title page template below.

A Reliable Referenser Harvard Format

Referencing for the Harvard style takes the form of the name of author(s), year of publication, paper title, city of publication, the publisher, and the pages used in the text. The in-text citations include the author name, the year of publication, and the page where the text referenced is extracted. If you need to know how to format the reference page, then use the Harvard referens guide done by our professionals copy editing services.

A Professional Guide on the Chicago Style Format

You could have had difficulties in formatting your paper in the Chicago style. Worry nor more; we have a reliable Chicago format website to help you understand the significant elements of the Chicago style. A typical Chicago format paper includes footnotes/endnotes, which are represented with a superscript in the in-text citations. It also entails an organized bibliography page, which entail all the sources used in the essay.

Chicago Format Template – the Best Chicago Style Example from Us

The Chicago format style is not as easy as people may insinuate. You are lucky to have come to our platform. With our expert help, the Chicago formatting exercise can turn to be interesting. Just recognize that the superscripts and the endnotes are incorporated in the writing software like Microsoft Word. From the simple Chicago style template on our website, you will realize how simple it is to place the footnotes with the help of the automatic insert footnote button. You can also get a Chicago style paper example done by our professionals to make the lesson easier.

The Chicago Format Cover Page Components

Apart from the endnotes that distinguish the Chicago style of writing, the cover page can also be identified easily as that of Chicago. The things that should be included on the Chicago format title page include a comprehensive title of the paper, the name of institution, student, course and the date of essay delivery. The Chicago style first page is organized to include a one-inch space for the margins.

An Example of a Chicago Reference Page

The Chicago Style reference page is placed at the end of the paper with the title as bibliography. The bibliography is the other unique element that distinguishes the Chicago format style. The reference page takes the form below:

The Turabian Format Style: What Is Turabian Format?

The Turabian format is closely related to the Chicago style of formatting. It was developed many years ago to help the students of the Chicago University in writing equality academic dissertations. Many institutions have adopted the Turabian citation formula, which has the endnotes and bibliography sections as a distinguishing element. Learn how to use the Turabian essay format from our professionals to be equipped with the best essay formatting skills.

Turabian Style Format Example –Turabian Style Paper Template Components

If you need the best Turabian citation example dissertation, get one done by our seasoned writers. The Turabian format template presupposes the following:

  • One-inch margins on all sides
  • New Times Roman with12pt is preferred
  • The page numbers begin from the first page and not the cover page
  • The entire paper is double-spaced

Cover Page Formatting – The Turabian Cover Page

Are you seeking to understand how to format title and cover page using the Turabian format? We are excellent at paper formatting exercises. You can trust our formatting services. The Turabian format title page entails the title, name of the student, course name and the date of submission. The Turabian title page does not include a page number. The pagination starts from the first page of the introduction.

The Turabian Reference Page Format

The reference page for the Turabian format takes a similar style as that of the Chicago style. It is titled as the bibliography with references that written in alphabetic order. Besides, the Turabian referencing style dictates that the author centers all the sources on the last page o the document.

You can make your Chicago essays appealing and professional if you master all the requirements and elements of the format of interest. Mark the distinguishing things such as endnotes for the Chicago and running for APA to make your formatting exercise more interesting.

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