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Essays Boxing Violent Sport

Even though violent sports appear as a dangerous sport, there are several reasons not to ban. Some people would consider sports as a violent; as you can see that a lot of sportsmen are retired due to their injuries. However, due to this reason, should we ban such a sport? I completely disagree with this statement.

Every sport has levels. For example, boxing or whitewater rafting is considered as a heavy sport. Also, there is an extreme sport classification, which is a bungee jumping, sky-diving or car rally racings. If you are looking at boxing and sky-diving, which one you will be thinking as a dangerous sport? Most people would say sky-diving as a dangerous sport, but, for violent issues, people would choose for boxing. People believe that by just look at the action of the sport think as a violent. However, any sports can be seen as a violent.

Like the one mentioned before, the violent sports which endanger lives are completely different. Boxing and white water rafting might only results in some fatal injuries to the sportsmen whereas sky-diving or car rally racings might kill people. Even though the boxers have critical injuries, is this as bad as someone get crashed by car? In my point of view, all the sportsmen are all aware of the circumstances. Even if they aware of the risks of the sports, but they still play it, according to me this means that they are accepting any consequences. In my perspective, sportsmen have accepted with their circumstances and acknowledge with all future consequences there are no rights of restricting those activities.

Overall, the sports that are violent are different from the sports that are fatal to the lives of the sportsmen. Some people claimed that such sports should be banned for the sake of the sportsmen, however, I claim as should not. Sports are created by a human being, which means that if any man who does not want to play sports, then does not have to play such a violent and extreme sport. All these sports are the choice made by the sportsmen who are aware of circumstances.

Boxing is Not a Violent Sport Essay

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Boxing is a sport full of hard hitting, fast movements and lots of blood, but being a boxer is not too brutal for the society but it does have its good and bad.
Boxing was found back in 697B.C in Germany. When it was first aired on TV people didn’t like it much and was commented as the worst TV show. But as the years went on more people started to get interested in the sport, and then kids wanted to become like their favorite boxer. And soon after boxing was the number one show that everyone watched. This caught the eye of Muhammad Ali the world’s best boxer who had won four titles and the W.B.C championship.
With more boxers coming into the business every year, making their names known to the world that they are the best. But it also…show more content…

They will then have an opportunity to face a ranking boxer; if they win they will be an amateur boxer and start their career.
With more money means more taxes, and pulse the coaching fee, doctor fee, and the arena fee. Means less for the boxer and if the boxer gets seriously injured in his matches he would have to pay extra for staying in the hospital. The dangers about this sport is getting punched in the head and stomach multiply times that can lead to broken ribs, swelling, painful stomach pains, hemming, skull fractures, concussion, broken nose, and jaw bones. Boxers risk their lives to put on a show for the fans, but the loser gets paid less or might not get paid depending on the contract. A boxer’s worst fear is getting seriously hurts and not being able to provide for their family. Some of them would spend more time in the gym training with their coaches thinking of new ways of beating their opponents and gaining more support from the fans, which takes away spending time with their family. All boxers wanted to become the best boxer they can be and win lots of belts along with more money. But by doing that puts their family in jeopardy of falling apart.
The best thing about this sport is being a V.I.P fan. A V.I.P. is a person who has won or earned the right to choose what they want, and for boxing that means having front row seats to three matches, gift bags, interviews with their favorite boxers, autographs, and after parties. With more fans

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