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Center Of Mass Physics Gcse Coursework

In many applications it is important that objects are designed with stability in mind. This requires an understanding of the centre of mass, as well as an ability to find out where it is. By incorporating a low centre of mass and wide base into an object, we can reduce the chance of it toppling over.

The centre of mass

Mass is the amount of matter an object has. Every part of an object forms part of its overall mass. But when we try to balance an object on a point, there will only be one place where it will balance. You can therefore think of the mass of an object being concentrated at this point, known as the centre of mass.

Finding the centre of mass for symmetrical objects

The centre of mass for a symmetrical object can be found easily. The axes of symmetry [axis of symmetry: An imaginary line through a figure that divides the figure into two symmetrical parts which are mirror images of each other. A figure may have more than one axis of symmetry.]  are marked on the object. The centre of mass is where the axes of symmetry cross.

Finding the centre of mass by suspending objects

The centre of mass for an irregular shaped, non-symmetrical object is found in a different way.

  1. Drill a small hole in the object and hang it up so that it is free to swing without obstruction.

  2. Hang a plumb line (a piece of string with a weight hanging from it) from the same suspension point. This lets you mark the vertical line directly below the suspension point.

  3. Drill another hole at a different location within the object.

  4. Again hang a plumb line to determine the vertical and mark it on.

  5. The point at which the two marked lines cross is the centre of mass.

Note - you should be able to describe how to do this for your exam.

How to find the centre of gravity on one shape

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