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Food Poisoning Essays

Investigating the Causes of Food Poisoning Essay

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Investigating the Causes of Food Poisoning

INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this essay is to investigate and find out what causes food poisoning, the bacteria’s that causes, the symptoms, the infections and its prevention’s.

Food poisoning is commonly found in UK. Generally food poisoning result from contamination of food and the subsequent growth of food poisoning micro-organise. Food poisoning outbreaks ore often recognised by the sudden onset of illness within a short period of time among many individuals who have eaten or drunk one or more foods in common

The most serious types of food poisoning are due to bacteria. Bacteria are microscopic organisms that are found everywhere, which is in…show more content…

However, the actual food poisoning symptoms includes; Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Vomiting and sometimes Diarrhoea. Food poisoning can be seen as early as four hours after eating contaminated food or twenty-four hours after eating contaminated food. Symptoms are seen quickly in younger children than adult, this is due to the fact children have a smaller body mass than adult and therefore are more likely to suffer serious food poisoning symptoms.

There are a number of reasons from which a person may become infected with food poisoning bacteria. These may include;

Inadequate cooling, food left at room temperature.

Too long between preparing the food and consuming it.

Inadequate reheating and cooking

Infected food handlers.

Inadequate hot holding temperature.

Inadequate hand washing.

Contaminated raw foods and ingredients &

Improper cleaning of equipment and utensils.

There is no way to prevent food poisoning after ingestion of contaminated food. The key is to avoid such foods. The best way of treating food poisoning is get rid of contaminated food by vomiting. Although it doesn’t prevent it, but once the body is void of the contaminated food, the food poisoning will be over. Another aspect of treatment is to prevent dehydration. Loos of fluids is serious in food poisoning and thus the fluids intake must be replenished at regular

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Food Poisoning Essay

Food poisoning is a condition that results from eating contaminated food. It is also referred to as food-borne illness. These may attack people from any age group and lasts from few hours to several days. Food poisoning in severe case may cause chronic and fatal disease like arthritis and can attack lungs and kidneys.
According to the recent studies around 76 million illness i.e. 325,000 hospitalization in the United States are caused because of food poisoning.

Causes of Food Poisoning
Contamination of food is the key factor that is responsible for food poisoning. These can happen anywhere be it restaurants, picnics and even at home when foods are prepared in unhygienic places and in an unhygienic manner. The causes of food poisoning can be broadly divided into two categories:
• Infectious agents
Viruses, bacteria and parasites fall in this category.
• Toxic agents
This comprises of pesticides on vegetables and fruits, poisonous mushrooms and also improper way of preparing exotic foods like barracuda.

Symptoms of food poisoning
Depending on the source of contamination, the symptoms and signs may differ. However, the common symptoms and signs are listed below:
• Nausea
• Watery diarrhea
• Vomiting
• Stomach pains
• Abdominal cramps
• Fatigue
• Loss of appetite
• Fever
The symptoms may arise after consuming the contaminated food or may begin few days later. These symptoms may last from just one day to a week or more.

Tests for food poisoning
The diagnose are carried out based on history which may include the duration of sickness, the characteristics of the sickness and the specific types of food that have been eaten. Some physical exam can also be performed to look for signs and symptoms of dehydration. The other diagnostic tests that can be performed by the doctor are listed below:
• Blood test
• Stool test
• Examination for parasites
However, in some cases the main cause of food poisoning may not be known.

The illness from food poisoning can be resolved in few days without any treatment. However, in some cases this may last for few weeks. The home remedies for food poisoning can be an easy solution to treat the symptoms.

Home Remedies for Food Poisoning using ginger and papaya
• Ginger is very beneficial for treating food poisoning. You can make a paste of ginger and take it 2-3 times on daily basis.
• There is another simple remedy is to take the extract of ginger and mix it with lemon extract. Pepper powder is added to the mixture to get the final medicinal remedy. Taking this mixture three to four times a day is highly beneficial for treating food poisoning.
• Papaya is very useful to...

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