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Essay On Importance Of Outdoor Games

Importance of Outdoor Games in Life

Outdoor games are the athletic or sporting games that involves physical activity and are generally played outside in the open. Generally, there is a spirit of healthy competition in outdoor games. Some examples includes lawn-tennis, football, cricket, hockey, soccer, etc.

Why should we play? We play by nature. We have an instinct to play as we have an instinct to work. We work in serious mood and play in light mood. So, play and work are complementary to each other.

Man cannot always be in serious mood. He sometimes requires relaxation. Outdoor games give that relaxation. We have to play outdoor games to recharge the battery of energy. The proverb goes – all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

Importance of outdoor games in our life: Outdoor games have a great role to play in our life.

  • Outdoor games such as football, swimming, soccer, golf, cricket, etc. are necessary for our physical fitness.
  • Sporty spirit helps us tide overt the pangs of life.
  • Outdoor games played on national level foster national integration.
  • They are the connecting bridges among the nations and lay the foundation of international understanding and universal brotherhood.
  • Olympic Games enhance the national prestige of medal winning countries highly.

Outdoor games and sports in educational institutions: Every educational institution has to arrange for outdoor games and sports for its students. Many schools have their own play ground. We generally encourage our girls and boys to become good engineers or doctors but seldom to become a good footballer.

Olympic games: In Olympics, there are various outdoor games and sports such as athletics, archery, badminton, boxing, tennis, equestrian, hockey, judo, shooting, swimming, table tennis, wrestling and weightlifting.

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In this age, where children are suffering from obesity, outdoor activities form an important part of their life. Outdoor activities have long term benefits on their health. Adequate outdoor activity increases health and physical development by improving sensory development, reducing obesity and stimulating blood cells.

Health benefits
Outdoor activities help kids stay fit and active which will benefit them in the long run. They can ward off health problems like obesity and heart ailments later in life. Some kids frequently fall ill; being active in life will help them stay healthy; they will feel hungry and have meals on time. Since they will feel tired by the end of the day, they will sleep on time too.

Makes them competitive
When kids play outside, they gain a sense of mastery and competency skills. They try climbing, running; throwing and they feel they can do it, which in turn builds up their confidence level. Even when they are playing any game and they win the game, it helps in developing the winning spirit. It’s a best way to boost their self-esteem as well.

Learning working in groups
When kids play with other kids, they learn to interact in groups, learn building strategy to win. They learn to adjust with kids of different temperament. This will help them when they grow up, in both their professional and personal life.

Giving a sense of freedom
When kids play outdoors, adults are generally more lenient with them. They feel a sense of freedom. They feel more enthusiastic and energetic and want to discover themselves.

Take them to the beach, let them let go of themselves. Let them play in the sand, make sand castles, take them play in the water.

Learning social skills
Often when kids play, they have a lot of loud interactions and physical movements with other kids. At times they might not know the other kids they have to play with especially in schools, and that helps them develop social skills. They learn to be cordial and try and work well in groups often developing qualities like leadership and co-operation. They learn to interact with other children, often bonding over games and developing long lasting friendships.

Learning to appreciate nature
Parents should take their kids for treks and nature camps. They will understand nature and science better. This will help them relax and sooth all the five senses. You should teach them to respect nature. Try doing activities like gardening, planting trees, flower exhibition which help them to understand nature.

In this age, where children are so tech savvy, it might be challenging for parents to take your child away from television, computers and video games. But you should make outdoor activities fun according to your child’s interests and slowly they will learn its importance.

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