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Unmc College Of Nursing Admissions Essays

Application Information

Applicants to any of the UNMC College of Nursing Bachelor’s programs complete an online application through the Centralized Application Service for Nursing Programs (NursingCAS) and provide supplemental information through the UNMC CON Supplemental application. NursingCAS partners with participating schools of nursing to provide an online application to students who wish to apply to that school's programs and processes applications and verifies transcripts on behalf of the schools.

Applications Open:

Before beginning your application, you are highly encouraged to read both the UNMC and NursingCAS application information as well as talk with a Student Services Coordinator to ensure you are ready to apply. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all required documents (application, reference forms, personal statement, and all transcripts) are received as close to the published deadline as possible. All application materials become the sole property of UNMC College of Nursing.

General Information for the NursingCAS Application

The NursingCAS application will require you to self-enter all college coursework, attach a personal statement, provide the email addresses of two recommenders, and enter other demographic information. We strongly suggest that you begin working on your application as early as possible and submit no later than approximately four to five weeks before the published deadline. This will enable you to include any fall/spring course grades and will allow time for NursingCAS to verify transcripts and other submitted documents. Applications submitted by the published deadline will be given consideration. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Before beginning your application, you may find it helpful to:

  • Secure copies of all your college transcripts to be able to self-enter all your college coursework on the application. As part of the application, you will also request official transcripts from each institution you attended to be sent directly to NursingCAS for verification.
    • International transcripts that are not translated in English must be evaluated by a third party credentialing service such as World Education Services (WES). You must request that the evaluation be mailed directly from the evaluation service provider to NursingCAS. The transcript translation and evaluation process may take several months so plan accordingly to meet deadlines. NursingCAS will not accept non-translated international transcripts.
  • Identify the names and secure accurate email addresses for two recommenders who will fill out and return a NursingCAS reference form.
  • Compile a list of your employment history as well as service and volunteer activities to use on your application.
  • Have a credit card number ready for payment of the NursingCAS application fee when you’re ready to submit your application.

For questions related to the NursingCAS application, please contact NursingCAS support at 617-612-2880, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time, or at: nursingcasinfo@nursingcas.org.

UNMC College of Nursing Information for the NursingCAS Application:

  • Campus Preference: All five of our campus sites (Omaha, Lincoln, Norfolk, Kearney and Scottsbluff) deliver the Traditional BSN program and four campus sites deliver the Accelerated BSN program (Omaha, Lincoln, Kearney and Scottsbluff). You will complete and submit only one (1) NursingCAS application. On that application you will designate your first choice of campus you would like to attend. After you submit your NursingCAS application you will receive a UNMC Supplemental Application where you will be able to rank order additional campuses you could attend if admitted.
  • Coursework Entry From Your Transcripts: Under the ACADEMIC HISTORY section of the NursingCAS application is where you will self-enter college coursework. The NursingCAS application allows an applicant to either enter all courses or only their prerequisite coursework. UNMC requires applicants to enter ALL coursework completed which will include prerequisite coursework. This includes courses where credit was granted through completion of a course in high school (such as Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate), courses where credit was granted through the completion of placement exam (CLEP or an departmental exam), courses completed at a community college or courses completed during summer terms as well as all coursework in progress or that you plan to take.
  • References: Under the SUPPORTING INFORMATION section of the NursingCAS application you will find a link to request references. Applicants must list two (2) professional references. Only electronic references are accepted by UNMC. The reference form will be sent to your recommenders as soon as you enter their email address into the application. Be sure to notify recommenders that they will receive a reference form from NursingCAS.
  • Personal Statement: Under the SUPPORTING INFORMATION section of the NursingCAS application you will find a link to add a Personal Statement. The Personal Statement you submit should be approximately 500 words in length. You will upload this document to your NursingCAS application. The Personal Statement should answer the following three questions:
    • What motivates you to become a BSN prepared nurse?
    • What is your vision of your nursing career?
    • What mark will you leave in health care?
  • Test Scores for English Proficiency:
    For applicants whose native language is not English, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Pearson (PTE) is required for admissions. Test results must be recent (within five years prior to applying to UNMC). To be able to apply you must meet the minimum scoring standards:
    • TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language (iBT): minimum score of 22 in the reading, listening and writing sections and a minimum score of 26 in the speaking section.
    • IELTS - International English Language Testing System: Band 6.5 in Reading, Listening, and Writing sections and Band 7 in Speaking as minimum scores.
    • PTE - Pearson Test of English minimum score of 59 in the reading, listening, and writing sections and a minimum score of 71 in the speaking section.
    You may self-enter your scores on the NursingCAS application in the section under the ACADEMIC HISTORY section. Additionally, the official score report must be sent directly to the campus where you are applying. UNMC’s institutional number is: 6896
  • Background Information —Under the PERSONAL INFORMATION section OTHER INFORMATION - NursingCAS asks several miscellaneous questions including questions about past academic history, license infractions, and criminal violations. Space is provided for you to make comments and provide explanations.

Application Tips to Know

  • You may save your work and return to your NursingCAS application as often as needed to complete the information prior to submission and the payment of the application fee.
  • You do not need to wait for references or official transcripts to be received before you submit your application to NursingCAS. Once your application is submitted, NursingCAS will continue to collect all required documents and attach them to your application.
  • You are highly encouraged to monitor the progress of your application through your NursingCAS account to ensure that all documents are received in a timely manner. Only complete applications can be considered for admissions.
  • Check the email account you listed on your NursingCAS application for any messages and updates. The majority of our communications will be sent to you by email to that account address.


Contact a Student Services Coordinator.

Apply Now!

The online application along with specific directions for completion can be found at: NursingCAS.

Make a difference with a career in nursing

Nurses are in demand in the high-tech world of health care. Preparing for a career in nursing leads to a rewarding, challenging profession. The UNMC College of Nursing offers campuses across the state of Nebraska so that you can train close to home. UNMC prepares nimble nurse leaders who are quick to adapt, fast to respond. Our approach: holistic, interdisciplinary, patient-centered care focused on quality and safety. UNMC offers a comprehensive nursing curriculum from bachelor's to masters to doctoral through postdoctoral and continuing education.

Application Process

Applications for admission to the UNMC College of Nursing programs are submitted through Nursing CAS. Please see the links below.


Our comprehensive BSN, MSN, DNP, PhD, and continuing education programs prepare you for leadership roles in nursing practice, research, education, health policy and administration.

Five Campuses

  • Within Nebraska, we offer five divisions within our 500 mile campus that extends from each end of our state’s border. Our students choose programs that meet their career goals from locations in Scottsbluff, Kearney, Norfolk, Lincoln and Omaha.

    Learn more about our five campuses.


If you have questions, please contact a student services representative.

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