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Moss Adams Internship Application Essay


I applied online. The process took 4 weeks. I interviewed at Moss Adams LLP.


The interview process was very efficient. I was contacted by a recruiter three weeks after submitting my application. I had an initial phone screen with a recruiter who mainly asked about what I had put on my resume. She did not ask typical interview questions, however, she pulled points from my resume and asked questions about that.

I was then contacted less than one week later by the recruiter and was notified that I would be moving on to a phone interview with the manager I would be working under, should I be offered the job. This phone interview lasted 30 minutes and again, questions were pulled based what I had put on my resume. It was very conversational and did not feel like a typical interview with standard questions. At the end of the phone interview, the woman said that I would be moving on to the next round of interviews.

One day after my phone interview, I was contacted by the recruiter to set up an in-person interview. The in-person interview was set one week out. My in-person interview consisted of a video call with the director of the department (she was based in a different office). This was again very conversational. I talked about my experience and the conversation went from there. The woman interviewing me then told me about her background and a bit more about the role.

Once that was over, I had an in-person interview with the woman who would be my manager. As I had already had a phone interview with her, this was a casual conversation about any other questions I had for her.

I was contacted the same day with an offer. The process was very smooth and efficient.

Interview Questions

  • They pull from your resume and have talking points based around that. Additionally- what is your greatest strength? What questions do you have for me? Tell me about yourself.   Answer Question
Moss Adams LLP 2017-12-12 23:58 PST


I applied through college or university. The process took 3 weeks. I interviewed at Moss Adams LLP (San Francisco, CA) in October 2016.


It was a great experience. First time that I met the people of this company was in an event( A day with Moss Adams-just a networking event, I forget the event name), there is the hint: making sure that you've talk with everyone in that event. I had my first round interview in the company, it was informational. Second interview(final round)still in the company, but 19 other candidates were there with me. Don't be nervous, just show them your personality-be yourself is extremely important. Showing your qualifications and preparing enough for those behavior questions. There were so many questions that I never heard before, when I was in the interviews. So, my advise is never copy other's words, because if you were trying to remember the answers, things become worse and worse. I never prepare answers for those type of questions, because no one wants to hire a robot.

Interview Questions

Moss Adams LLP 2016-12-31 18:23 PST

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