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Argumentative Essay On Exams Should Be Abolished

...Heng Teacher Mentor : Miss Kong [SHOULD WRITTEN EXAMSSHOULD BE ABOLISHED?]   Written ExamsShould Be Abolished Lee Chan Wai, Albert Li, Lim Shi Ping, Liu Bo Zhou, Liu Yi Heng Raffles Institution Mentor: Miss Kong In the current era when students young and old are required to take written exams, to assess them, to judge them, life then is under tremendous demands. Little time or space is left for other activities, activities that bring life to the schooling students. Written exams be then abolished, for the good of the schooling children all over the world. In this research paper, this topic is raised to find out the pros and cons that written exams bring, through interviews targeted at students and teachers to effectively conclude that written examsshould be abolished. Contents Page Chapter 1 – Introduction 1.1 The main context 1.2 Cases Caused of Exams 1.3 Pros and Cons of Exams 1.4 Justification of topic Chapter 2 – Method 2.1 Participants 2.2 Materials 2.3 Procedure Chapter 3 – Results 3.1 Survey Results for student 3.2 Survey results for teachers Chapter 4 – Discussion 4.1 Survey analysis 4.2 Interview analysis 4.2 Weakness and limitations of project 4.4 Implications of Findings 4.5...

Should Exams Be Abolished by Aida

For her CAE class, Aida has written an excellent essay on whether or not she believes exams should be abolished.

It is usually believed that exams are a vital part in the student’s lifestyle. However, do exams really test people’s intelligence?

The most important issue to consider is the objective of the exams, since many people consider that exams are testing memory instead of intelligence. Moreover, that is a real matter in the student’s life due to which they feel obliged to study the information by using a repetitive method rather than trying to understand the content. While it is true that this would have immediate gains in the present because their marks will be great, it might be a problem in the near future.

Another important point is that exams have different effects in students. Thus, their performance is really diverse depending on each person. In fact, many experts have shown that exams are not testing the real knowledge of the student due to the fact that some of them are feeling under pressure and getting stressed, and for that reason it is more difficult to show their real abilities. Therefore, some people think that it is an inaccurate way to access children, because they actually receive an unfair evaluation of their knowledge in a subject.

 It seems clear that most people consider that exams normally are not a honest method to test students, then they can experience a stressful situation, and consequently they are not free to demonstrate their knowledge. In fact, by 2040, I strongly believe that exams will have been abolished completely.

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